Why Tadashi Is The Best Choice?

Trung Tadashi
  • Tadashi Tattoo - One of the best tattoo shops for Asian style led by Mr. Trung - a tattoo artist
  • Having professional tattooing skills and tattooing by hands (FREE HAND) meticulously and skillfully as a strong point
  • Tadashi Tattoo brings the beauty of Asian souls with the essence of creativity and artistic soul
  • Come to Tadashi Tattoo Shop for graceful artworks that go well with places on your body









Art Tadashi Tattoo Shop

A tattoo is like an artistic fashionable jacket that makes us feel more confident when putting on. Therefore, Art Tadashi Tattoo Shop was opened with a view to creating more artistic jackets for our clients by the love and soul of true artists.

With more than 17 years of experience in the tattoo industry, Tadashi Tattoo ensures a professional process of tattooing including advanced equipment such as modern tattoo machines, tattoo ink, along with talented artists with high skills here.

To ensure absolute satisfaction when visiting Art Tadashi Tattoo Studio, every client will have a consultation before getting a tattoo. Meticulous designs are created according to customer's wishes in order to make sure that they will love and feel confident with the tattoos they have chosen.

With the passion of the craftsman, Art Tadashi Tattoo will show you how to take care of your tattoos so that they can look their best. After all, a tattoo is created by the soul of both the artist and the person who owns it.

art tadashi tattoo shop


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