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First I have to say about the skin because I really think if you're studying about tattoo, it also needs a thorough understanding of human skin," said Susanna Kumschick.

Anthropologist Switzerland has organized an exhibition in Hamburg on tattoos like the artwork.

"Human skin is a marvelous thing, it is an attempt to draw special fabrics." She feels that we need to look tattooed body under a different eyes.

"In anthropology, we see the tattoos appeared in many cultures, mores. I began to study and surprised that it actually was not a topic in the museum of art and design until recently. "

"There have been many exhibitions of tattoos in history museums or anthropology museum, but not in art museums and design."

 Ashleigh Artwork By Saira Hunjan, 2010. Photo: Tareq Kubaisi

The interest was sparked partly by the art research in the human body image, according Kumschick.

She described the work of Austrian artist Valie Export performances "in 1970 she had a tattoo belt hook thigh stockings, tattoos conduct in public places, because there was the show ... She was one of the first woman to comment on earth female body looked like. "

One of the favorite work in the exhibition is Kumschick "interview a woman who is talking about the tattoo cover scars on the breast cancer surgery, tattoos make her feel more comfortable about your body. It is also a form of tattooing is prevalent in our society ".


Unnamed, 2004 By Fumie Sasabuchi

Kim Schick mentions the artists expressed interest even tattoos in his compositions. "They are always inspired by the beauty; right from the beginning, and during long time, the human body has an art theme. The paint on the body as well as that. "

Fumie Sasabuchi added tattoos on the models in fashion magazine pages using the motif of Japanese yakuza mafia: this image was created from a photo in the Vogue Angels Children.

"The tattoo is increasingly becoming fashionable because today we show off more skin in the past, so much as it is a means to convey information."

"We should consider carefully because of possible depending on where the tattoo is located on the body, the message sent is different according to the location we choose tattoos. Today there is a normal tattoo, but people will see the message if we tattooed on the face, which is different from a tattoo on the chest or the ankle. "


El Gangster de Iberia (Mara Salvatrucha), San Salvador, 2008. Photo : Christian Poveda/Agence VU

The other study insight into the tattoo was used as how to distinguish people.

One of the exhibition's video shows a tattoo artist is the figure on the arm of a prison 92 years old who survived Auschwitz; Artur Zmijewski Poland artists see it as a form of 'vivid recollection'.

A caption accompanying artwork also describes how the SS officers were tattooed on their arm blood groups during World War II, when the war ended this stamp was used to recognize them.

Photographer and documentary filmmaker Spanish-French Christian Poveda spent a year at the Mara 18 gang members in El Salvador, they filled his tattoo of people they have killed or commemorate death record gang members. He was killed in a gun battle in 2009 fighting.


Gwendal và Karl Marc

Due to a change in attitudes in society, some people hide tattoos while others want to reveal. "In the 19th century, during the same period, women in the circus and aristocratic women were tattooed, but the ladies did not unfold. Nor have any photos of them taken back. "

This photo shooting Maud Stevens Wagner, a specialist performing circus tightrope walker repertoire and contortionist. She is famous tattooed women first in the Western world.

The other circus performers include Lady Viola tattoo, the tattoo of President Woodrow Wilson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on his chest, and Artoria Gibbons, who tattooed part of the work of painter Botticelli Announcements (Maria's newspaper Mother of God) and one other tattoo partially copied paintings of Michelangelo Holy Family.

Not many photos saved on tattoos of the elite, although the exhibition emphasizes the documentary shows two women being tattooed George Burchett.

British tattoo artist is tattooing for European royal family, including King Alfonso XIII of Spain and King George V.

"Tattoos are very fashionable fad until World War Two," said Kumschick. "Today there many words into the celebrity into a tattoo on your body, but it has since the 19th century, the press was full of specialist who have tattoos, this is not a new phenomenon . "(Library of Congress, Washington)


The End, 1970, 1981, 1997 By Timm Ulrichs. Photo : VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015

The modern tattoo artists offer new techniques. "These young artists have different academic knowledge," said Kumschick. "They took over the art school and was learning how to tattoo, they have heard. It's hard to learn how to apply graphic design on the body. "

She has mentioned the case of a group of Swiss illustrator and graphic designer named Happy Pets. "They said they were looking at the body as looking at a book; they also encounter difficulties as when designing a book. They consider the size of the tattoo and consider where to be tattooed. "


In 1981, Tim Ulrichs had tattooed words 'The End' (End) on the right eyelid. Just see the eyes closed, it is a frightening message reminiscent of the coins put into the dead eyes. Kumschick say tattoos as a kind of 'skulls'. "Our skin is an ephemeral thing, that is the difficulty, if we want it collection. Either way, the tattoo is just no longer exists the life of the body. "

Tim Steiner is one of the "artwork" was exhibited in Hamburg: on his back with a piece of art by Wim Delvoye Belgian artist concept tattooed on.

This work was sold in 2008 for an art collector living in Hamburg, and as entries in the exhibition, he "won the right to lease, sell and transfer his successor Tim Steiner as an object borrowing and people will keep his skin after his death. "


Kantonsbibliothek Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Trogen, PA Herbert Hoffmann

Herbert Hoffmann tattoo picture collection of body art from the 1920s to the 1970s he active in the field of tattoo until his death in 2010, and he was tattooed by many technology famous artists including Christian Warlich, Tatover Ole and Horst Streckenbach.

"We do not know much about the ancient tattoos, they are not stored in museums like the famous painting so we can not judge them," said Kumschick. "It's hard for the artists they are working tattoo, we would do with those when they sleep, they eat, they die?"

Many tattoos are not art, but images can be viewed as art. "She believes that there should be more reviews art critic for the tattoo. "A tattoo, if it is done well, it will come with the body, with human personality (aesthetics and meaning of the tattoo, the whole story) all these things put together will come Overall a oner. It is a work of art can not be compared with anything else. "

Trung Tadashi
Trung Tadashi

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