Daruma Tattoo

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Daruma tattoo is a tattoo from Japan. Although this tattoo in Vietnam is not so popular, it is a unique tattoo that attracts those who love culture as well as Japanese tattoos. If you want to find out the special meaning of Asian tattoos especially Daruma tattoos please join us through the article below.

Hình xăm búp bê damura trên tay

2 Daruma tattoos in the chest

1. The meaning of Daruma tattoo

People choose tattoos not simply because it is beautiful but also based on the meaning of the tattoo. So what does the Daruma tattoo mean? Before learning about the meaning of this tattoo, people need to understand what Daruma is and its original.

Daruma symbolizes luck favored by Japanese people. According to the research, Daruma is the name of a doll in Japan. This doll is made of paper and they do not have limbs or whiskers. The focus of this doll is at the bottom. This is the reason why this doll never fell.

In Japan, if the image of Oni and Hannya are sometimes seen as evil and misfortune, Daruma is the opposite of luck and prosperity.

Búp bê Daruma được mô phỏng theo dáng ngồi của Bồ Đề Đạt Ma

Daruma doll are modeled after the seat of Bodhidharma

In fact, the Daruma doll was originally modeled after the seat of Bodhidharma – the one who founded the sect of Buddhism from China. Afterward expanded to Japan, where his name was transcribed in Japanese as Daruma. In 1697, at Takasaki, the Daruma temple was built and the warden at that time was Shinetsu. He was also the one who painted the figure of Bodhidharma meditating every year. This is where the Daruma dolls was born

Còn cho tới bây giờ, loại búp bê này được các doanh nhân sở hữu với mong muốn có thể đạt được nhiều thành công trong sự nghiệp.

Búp bê daruma đi cùng với văn hóa đất nước Nhật Bản

Daruma dolls are closely associated with Japanese culture

By the end of the 18th century, the original form of Daruma doll was formed based on the shape of monk Togaky. Later on, it was papered and became a Daruma doll like today. In the Meiji period, Daruma dolls were used to pray for a convenient silk season. Until now, this type of doll is owned by entrepreneurs with the desire to achieve a lot of success in their careers.

From the meaning of Daruma dolls, it is a symbol of luck, persevering in pursuit of goals. No matter how many times they were pushed, they will stand up immediately.

Every new year, Japanese people, especially business people will buy a Daruma doll with the desire to be lucky, rich and successful. There are also people who choose to use Daruma tattoos so that Daruma can always be with them and give them luck, health, success and wealth.

2. The most beautiful Daruma tattoo

Here are the best Daruma tattoos you can refer to. Firstly, the tattoo that incorporates Daruma and a talented cat (lucky cat) is fun and quite cute.

Hình xăm damura và chú mèo tài lộc trên cánh tay

Daruma tattoo with “lucky cat” in arm

Next one is more unique with the gentle and violent looking tiger behind Daruma with colored ink. The tattoo is polished so it is very beautiful.

Hình xăm búp bê damura cõng hổ con

Daruma doll tattoo and “little tiger”

If you want to ward off evil and have luck, the following image is a real model for you!

Hình xăm búp bê daruma đẹp

Daruma tattoo full arm for man

3. Where to get Daruma tattoo to ensure quality?

Although Daruma tattoo is not a popular tattoo, in recent years, there is still a small part who choose this type of tattoo. To be able to own beautiful Daruma tattoos, it takes great creativity of talented art.

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Hope this will be useful information for you!