Foo Dog Tattoo

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Tattooing is one of the arts that are developed in recent years. Tattoos are very diverse which can be inspired by a lot of things in life. There are 4 sacred animals tattoos include: dragon, turtle, foo dog and phoenix is the most popular and every tattoo has its own meaning. In this article we would like to introduce you the meaning of the foo dog tattoo – one of the famous and familiar tattoo for Asians.

Hình kỳ lân và quả cầu mây xăm trước ngực

Foo dog and cloud ball tattoo in the chest

1. The meaning of foo dog tattoo

Foo dog is considered a legendary animal with many special meaning. Base on Eastern culture, foo dog are classified into one of the four sacred spirits (Dragon, Foo dog, Turtle and Phoenix)Qilin, Kirin, Foo dog, Unicorn. Bên cạnh đó, tùy vào văn hóa nên hình dáng của kỳ lân cũng sẽ có sự khác nhau.

In English, foo dog has many names like Qilin, Kirin,… Additionally, the shape of the foo dog will be different.

European foo dog is a mythical creature, popularly known as a white horse with a horn on its forehead or maybe has two wings. However, traditional foo dogs also include goatee, lion tail, and nails like cattle. This makes it different from a normal horse.

The East Asian foo dog has a half dragon and half animal figure. Most foo dogs will have deer horns, dog ears, camel foreheads, demon eyes, lion noses, wide mouths, deer feet and ox tail.

Hình dáng kỳ lân theo trí tưởng tượng

Foo dog shapes (Source: Megaloceros-Urhirsch)

In addition, the foo dog is also known as the reincarnation of the dragon horse, symbolizing the will of the men. In fact, no one has seen the foo dog until now. This animal may be imaginative or only available in ancient times.

Foo dog is believed to help people eliminate catastrophe and bring good things to us.

Hình xăm kỳ lân nhỏ trước ngực

Small foo dog tattoo in chest

Those are the meanings of the foo dogs. So in the tattooing, what do foo dog tattoos mean? Foo dogs belong to one of the four spirits and they do not harm anyone but it is a symbol of honesty, generosity, and willingness to help others and consider others' joys to be their joys.

Foo dog tattoos in Asian tattoo chains are meant to love people, expressing altruism helping people.

Xăm hình kỳ lân trắng đen trước ngực

B&W foo dog in chest

Moreover, another meaning of foo dog is to show power. It belongs to one of the four sacred animals, the most sacred and powerful animal, representing the will of people. There are some people who have foo dog tattoos to avoid evil. Many of them believe that tattooing this sacred animal on their body can help them avoid the evil spirits around them and bring more luck and prosperity in life.

This is also the characteristic tattoo of men, representing strong and courageous people.

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2. Most beautiful unicorn tattoos

Xăm hình kỳ lân một sừng trước ngực và tay

One-horn foo dog tattoo in chest and arm

Hình xăm kỳ lân là hình xăm dành riêng cho nam giới

This is a good place for foo dog tattoo

hình xăm kỳ lân nam

Foo dog tattoo for man

hình xăm kỳ lân đẹp ở chân

The beautiful foo dog tattoo

hình xăm kỳ lân đẹp ở chân

Foo dog tattoo on leg

những hình xăm kỳ lân đẹp

Full arm foo dog tattoo for man

3. Prestigious and quality tattoo address

Foo dog tattoo is a complex and relatively difficult tattoo to perform. This is a challenging and examines the ability of tattoo artists. Therefore, when you want to tattoo this, you should look to the prestigious tattoo address, such as Tadashi Tattoo.

Bắp chân là vị trí được nhiều người lựa chọn khi xăm hình kỳ lân

Calf is the place that most people choose for foo dog tattoo

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