Guan Yu Tattoo

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Art tattoo is becoming more popular in society. Therefore, more and more types of tattoos are created and Guan Yu tattoo is one of them, is inspired by a Chinese historical figure. From the following article, we hope that it will explain the meaning of this tattoo so that you can be confident about your decision when tattooing.

1. Biography of Guan Yu

According to historical records as well as anecdotal evidences about the legend, Guan Yu is a talented general. He lived at the time of 162 – 220, was known as a general at the end of the “Han Dynasty” and the “Three Kingdoms period” in China. He was an extremely majestic and honest general. However, this General was decapitated by Sun Quan at the age of 58.

There are many mysterious and interesting stories about this talented general. Based on the myths about him people built his image. Currently, he is worshiped at many temples and pagodas with the image of a red-faced general with long beard, holding a scimitar in his hand and riding a ragged horse. He is a symbol of a man of generous, charismatic and faithful character.

After his death, there were many stories about Guan Yu that being told by people in the Three Kingdom. According to recounts, after Guan Yu was beheaded, a general under his command opened a party. Lu Meng - who harmed Guan Yu hold a cup of wine to drink suddenly threw his drink into the ground and jumped to grab the right hand of Sun Quan who attempted to harm Guan Yu and shouted: Do you know who I am?”

hình xăm quan công đẹp

Guan Yu with his horse and scimitar

Then Sun Yu was knocked to the ground by Le Meng. Then Lu meng jumped and sat on the chair and shouted: "I am Lu Meng – Sun Quan’s servant." Afterward, Sun Quan was in a hurry to kneel down and Lu Meng fell to the ground and died.

Many people believed that due to Guan Yu’s death in resentment, the soul could not escape. That explained why he continually returns to the earthly realm. He had sent an omen in dream for Huang Zhong, demanding Huang Zhong to retaliate for revenge and appear everywhere to ask for his return. Cao Cao was also threatened by the spirit of Guan Yu and was seriously ill.

2. The meaning of Guan Yu tattoo

After Guan Yu’s death, there are many stories about him. The image of Guan Yu has been entered into historical stories, poems or even art tattoo. The Guan Yu tattoos have spiritual meaning, which can help the owners avoid evil spirits in life and work.

hinh xam quan cong

Full-back Guan Yu tattoo

Additionally, those who have this tattoo are also supported by Guan Yu and have lots of luck. Moreover, Guan Yu tattoo also shows bravery and strong will.

3. Some of the most wonderful Guan Yu tattoos

Guan Yu tattoo is very suitable for men who love to own a work of art on their body. The first image that you can look right now is the Guan Yu general with brave horse he trusted in many battles.

Hình xăm Quan Công đang phi ra chiến trường

Guan Yu tattoo on battlefield

Or you can have Guan Yu tattoo in your back.

Quan Công với thanh long đao uy vũ

Guan Yu is riding a horse

In addition, biceps are also one of the least painful place but still the most beautiful tattoo position.

4. Prestigious and quality tattoo address

Guan Yu tattoos are usually large tattoos so that artists can freely create and show their skills. It is important for you to find good tattoo artists. Tadashi Tattoo is a place that owns many famous tattoo artists who has made a lot of tattoos. Therefore it will be a great place for you to experience.

Hình xăm Quan Công bằng mực màu đầy sống động

Guan Yu tattoo with vivid ink