Oni and Hannya Tattoo

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Oni and Hannya tattoos are known as demon face tattoos, originating from Japan. Although this type of tattoo is quite popular in Japan, there are not many Vietnamese people chose this tattoo. Therefore, not everyone knows what the meaning of this tattoo is. From this article, we would like to give you the meaning of Hannya and Oni tattoo for those who are interested.

Hình xăm mặt quỷ oni và hannya full cánh tay

Full arm Oni and Hannya tattoo

1. The meaning of Oni tattoo

In Asian tattoos, if the unicorn tattoo stands for goodness, the Oni and Hannya tattoo have different meaning. So what does it mean and why does it make sense?

Oni demon is one of the Japanese cultures. The image of Oni has existed for a long time and it is very familiar with Japanese people. In Japanese, Oni means “Devil”, referring to the beasts, monsters and evil forces that spread fear and make people stay away from them.

Hình mặt quỷ Oni trong văn hóa đặc trưng của nước Nhật.

The image of the Oni demon in Japan’s typical culture

The image of Oni is formed by taking the Chinese demons. Oni images are also frequently featured in festivals in Japan. People often wear Oni masks running around the street. It looks wild and mischievous.

hinh xam quy oni hannya

Oni and Hannya tattoo on thigh

People with these tattoos are aware of themselves having evil in them. They tattooed the demon face in their body in order to remind themselves to be wary of the evil inside them and making themselves more perfect. Oni tattoo is not strange to Japanese people and they have many different shapes, not only the formidable and scary forms of demons but it could be the shape of a boy, girl or skull,…

Mẫu hình xăm oni & hannya trên bắp tay và ngực cho nam giới

Oni and Hannya tattoo in arm and chest for men

Oni tattoos are said to contain supernatural powers and show both good and evil sides. Being good or evil is determined by Oni’s will and the impact of the situation. Perhaps Oni is the transformation and struggle between good and evil, fighting to make a way to light so that Japanese also have 2 feelings for this tattoo.

hình xăm quỷ oni hannya bít lưng

Beautiful tattoo full back

The Japanese worshiped and loved Oni but also feared of Oni.

2. The meaning of Hannya tattoo

Hannya image is also one of the demons that appear in Japan’s typical culture. If Oni is a demon, regardless of gender, Hannya is more specific. Hannya is a female demon with horns on her head.

According to the legend of Hannya, there was a beautiful girl who wholeheartedly loved a priest but she was rejected because the priest has taken an oath. She turned into a monster filled with jealousy, anger and resentment with despair and sadness.

Hình ảnh mặt nạ quỷ Hannya thường xuất hiện trong các vở kịch của Nhật Bản.

Hannya’s demon mask often appears in Japanese drama

There are a lot of people who are not sympathetic to Hannya tattoo because they think demon face is unfortunate and evil thing. However, in fact, considering the origin, demons are created from a positive meaning. It is used as a test to help people live better.

Mặt nạ Hannya là khuôn mặt quỷ nữ chứa đầy sự oán hận và ghen tuông.

Hannya mask is a female demon face filled with resentment and jealousy

The image of demons is only a fantasy image of human part. They represent cruel things. Hannya tattoos will help people remind themselves to stay away from bad sides, towards a better thing in life.

Therefore, the demon face tattoo has the meaning of transforming from bad to good and getting better. Additionally, demons also process a champion power. Tattooing demon face can help people to show the power of individuals. Overall, it can be seen that Oni and Hannya tattoos are not as ugly as people think, but it carries the message of struggle from evil to good.

hinh xăm quy hannya co gái geisha

Black & White demon face on the calf

3. The most wonderful Oni and Hannya tattoo

Here are the top Oni and Hannya tattoo models. The first is Hannya tattoo with black ink, next to the big chrysanthemum right above the demon mask.

Hình xăm oni hannya cùng hoa cúc trên cánh tay

Hannya & Oni tattoo and chrysanthemum on arm

hình xâm oni hannya đẹp

Hannya mask tattoo on leg

hình xăm đầu quỷ

xăm bít vai với hình xăm quỷ và cô gái geisha

Hannya & Oni tattoo and chrysanthemum on arm

hình xăm quỷ đẹp và ý nghĩa

Colorful Oni & Hannya full-arm tattoo

những hình xăm quỷ đẹp nhất

hình xăm quỷ bít tay cho nam

Devil face tattoo is extremely artistic

hình xăm đầu quỷ oni hannya và hoa cúc

Unique stylized devil face tattoo

4. Where to get Oni and Hannya tattoo to ensure quality?

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Hình xăm oni & hannya ngày càng độc đáo và đa dạng

Unique Oni & Hannya tattoo

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