Samurai Tattoo

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One of the favorite Japanese-origin tattoo is Samurai. The Samurai tattoos are very popular with the Japanese because of its uniqueness and meaning. Therefore, it is also spread to many Asian countries, including Vietnam. However, not everyone will fully understand this tattoo as well as its meaning. Therefore, in this article, we will share with you the meaning of Samurai tattoo.

hình xăm chiến binh Samurai bất tử của đất nước mặt trời mọc

The immortal Samurai image from the land of the rising Sun

1. What is Samurai?

Samurai – Bushi, this is the name for Japanese warriors in early modern period (late 15th century to late 18th century). Although Samurai established in a short time but it became the highest class in the Edo period.

hình xăm chiến binh samurai

Brave Samurai tattoo in the battlefield

A Samurai will have 7 essential characters that are loyalty, kindness, honor, sincerity, politeness and honesty.

Samurai tattoo is one of the few unique tattoos in Asian tattoo chains. Every tattoo and tattoo location has meaning and expresses the individual style of each tattoo person.

2. The meaning of Samurai tattoo

If many people have Guan Yu tattoo (a majesty general in Han dynasty and Three Kingdoms dynasty in China) to avoid evil spirits, Samurai tattoos represent the noble martial arts spirit.

hinh xam samurai chem rong

Samurai tattoo

2.1. Samurai tattoo shows the power of will

Everyone knows that Samurai warriors are extremely strong people. They often use weapons like guns, spears, bows and arrows to kill the enemy. Because of this, when we mention about the image of Samurai, they tend to think of power and independence. When getting Samurai tattoo, it could help the owner of the tattoo feel more confident because the image of the Samurai is the image of brave warrior.

Hình xăm kiếm sĩ Samurai phong trần trong mùa hoa anh đào trên cánh tay

Samurai tattoo in cherry blossom season in the arm

There are many wonderful and meaningful Samurai tattoo for you to choose. It could be a swordsman with strong personality or a Samurai with a big falcon that makes people think of a hunt. The combination of Samurai and cherry blossom – a characteristic flower symbolism from the land of the rising Sun described the strong and brave of Samurai warriors. This is also one of the most popular tattoos.

Hình xăm chiến sĩ Samurai lặng lẽ dưới ánh trăng đầy ma mị

Samurai tattoo was quietly under the moonlight

Owning Samurai tattoo will bring to the master the power, bravery and mysterious beauty. Although the Samurai tattoo is simple or complex, it still expresses full meaning of the strength, loyalty of Samurai warriors.

2.2. Samurai tattoo shows human character

The tattoo artists need to deliberately sketch in every tattoo and tattoo must show the strongness of Samurai – 7 personalities: loyalty, kindness, honor, sincerity, politeness and honesty.

Hình xăm chiến binh Samurai lạnh lùng dưới lớp mặt nạ quỷThe cold Samurai warrior tattoo under the demon mask

There are many delicate samurai tattoos. For example, Samurai tattoo along with the Buddha statue, arm-length Samurai tattoo, Oni Samurai tattoo,… It can be said that this type of tattoo is very diverse.

The creativity of artisans made these tattoos become richer, more unique and more attractive.

3. Synthesis of the best Samurai tattoos

You can freely choose patterns and tattoo locations with Samurai tattoo. The most wonderful Samurai tattoo positions are shoulders, arms, back, chest and other areas such as legs or even cover your body if you want. Here are the most beautiful Samurai tattoo patterns suggested for you.

Samurai tattoo is most beautiful if printed with black ink. 3D Samurai tattoo will create a strong impression and give a feeling of excitement for those who look at it. People can also combine Samurai tattoo patterns with a different colored image to create a vivid and unique feel.

Hình xăm Samurai bước đi hiên ngang với cây kiếm sắc bén trong tay

Samurai walked with a sharp sword in hand

The combination with the martial arts spirit will make Samurai tattoo more daring. The tattoo works that you own are not only unique but also extremely attractive.

Hình ảnh chiến binh Samurai uy dũng như rồng trên cánh tay

Samurai tattoo in peacetime in Japan

Samurai tattoos are becoming more and more popular because of their meanings. This is one of the top choices for men who want to own a tattoo that is both strong and impressive. These tattoos are especially suitable for full back, full hand or full foot tattoo.

Hình xăm kiếm sĩ Samurai dưới ánh mặt trời rực đỏ

Hình xăm Samurai trong thời bình ở Nhật Bản

hinh xam samurai

hinh xăm samurai

hình xăm samurai

hình xăm samurai có ý nghĩa gì

hình xăm samurai đẹp nhất

hinh xam samurai nhat

hinh xam samurai nhat ban

hinh xam samurai nhật bản

hinh xam samurai nhật bản

hình xăm samurai nhật bản

hình xăm kín lưng chiến binh samurai

ý nghĩa của hình xăm samurai

ý nghĩa của hình xăm samurai

ý nghĩa của hình xăm samurai là gì

ý nghĩa hình xăm samurai

hinh xam samurai chem rong

4. Where to get Samurai tattoos to ensure quality?

To create beautiful, unique and soulful Samurai tattoo is not easy because this type of tattoo is a relatively difficult and complicated. Therefore, when tattooing Samurai, you should look for the prestigious art. One of the most recommended tattoo addresses on art tattoo forums is Tadashi Tattoo

Hình xăm Samurai huyền ảo full tay đẹp cho nam

Fantasy Samurai tattoo for men

Tadashi Tattoo received a lot of customer support because there are many good, skilled and infinite artists. They can help you create unique tattoos. Simple or complex tattoos are carefully and meticulously crafted by artisans in each tattoo. Hopefully, you will have a better understanding of Japanese tattoo with our information.