Dragon Koi Tattoo

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“Dragon Koi” image has been portrayed in many frescoes and poems, which is close to many people's hearts. Tattoo is not an exception.

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1. The Dragon Koi legend

In fact, the Dragon Koi legend is not really well-known story to many people. According to the ancient Asian legend, the story originated from the commencement of Heaven and the earth when it was Heaven who made rain and wind.

In other words, Heaven is the first source of the water from rain, rivers, sea and aquatic life. Later on, God had to create people and other things on earth thus rain and wind were no longer a priority. For this reason, God sent dragons to be responsible for spraying water on the earth and create rain.

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However, the limited number of dragons led to the lack of rain in many places. To improve this issue, God created a competition, which is called “Dragon Contest” to look for more potential animals to transform them into dragons. Animals living under the aquarium raced to have a slot in this battle.

The Dragon Contest took place for a month and was divided into three main rounds, in which animals had to overcome a strong wave, and it would get more harsh and intense through higher level. The ones which were strong and powerful enough to conquer these challenges could turn Dragon.

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There were numerous animals came to join and failed. Most of them could not pass all three waves, except Carp. A precious Carp with a mouth of pearls participated in the contest which fearlessly defeated the rushing clouds of wind and extreme thunderstorms to vanquish all of three waves and finally leapt over the Heaven Gate, released the pearls and turned into the real Dragon. As a consequence, “Dragon Koi” tattoo becomes a significant symbol of courage, resilience, intelligence, fortune, and success.

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Carp tattoo is also referred to as a symbol of willpower to win yourself.

A bunch of Carp tried to conquer the Heave Gate to transform into Dragon but not all of them are able to succeed. Finally, Dragon Koi is permanently responsible for showering to make the soil fertile and the plants bathed, bringing life to all species.

2. The meaning of Dragon Koi

According to the legend of “Dragon Koi”, the depiction of this tattoo represents strength and extraordinary effort to win against challenges in life.

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“Dragon Koi” tattoos delivers an image of bravery and resilience. As long as you believe in yourself and be brave to face all of the difficulties, you will be the champion of your life.

3. The beautiful koi dragon tattoos

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hình xăm cá chép vượt vũ môn

hình xăm cá chép hóa rồng full bả vai

mẫu cá chép hóa rồng hình xăm ở vai

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hình xăm cá chép hóa rồng

4. Where to get your “Dragon Koi” tattoo?

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