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Daisies are among the most mysterious of flowers, often associated with the fall season thanks to their warm colors. Not only are they considered the queen of fall-themed colors, daisies have remained a top choice in the art of tattoo because they give us a feeling of lightness, loveliness, and delight.

Daisy tattoos are for those looking for something unique. Now let us begin to explore the meaning of daisy tattoos!

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1. The meaning of daisy tattoos

Daisy tattoos have been popular since ancient times. Before going to war soldiers would tattoo daisies on their shoulders as a way of showing their valor and loyalty.

Today daisies are a symbol of valor, longevity, and perseverance.

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1.1. What daisy tattoos mean to different countries in the world?

Apart from being well known for their beauty, daisies are also a symbol of health and longevity, prosperity and power. Once upon a time in Japan only royalty were allowed to wear clothes and jewelry with daisy decorations because daisies were thought to be divine and therefore not available to the lower classes.

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Each daisy tattoo has its own meaning

In China daisies are a symbol of the completeness and serenity of the fall season. In Vietnam they are a sign of a pure soul at one with nature. White daisies are the symbol of one’s deference and gratefulness to one’s parents, signifying purity, elegance, and grace. Daisies of light purple represent eternal love between men and women.

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Green daisies remind us to appreciate what we already have while yellow daisies represent our strong survival instincts.

1.2. The meaning of daisies in relation to Feng Shui

Because daisies are a symbol of life, longevity, and joy many people have them tattooed (often in smaller sizes) on their body to show their wishes for peacefulness, happiness, and prosperity. One feature of daisies is expressed in Chinese, that “the leaves don’t leave the branch and the flowers don’t fall off.” This feature signifies the loyalty and perseverance of a great man who never quit, even during hard times.

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A beautiful daisy tattoo on a woman’s arm

2. Some great-looking daisy tattoos

Without a doubt, daisies are a perfect choice for those girls who are full of love and for those guys who are brave and determined. Some like regular daisies while others prefer blossoming ones, but they all are attractive, elegant, and unique.

Unlike those sunflower tattoos that are all too common, daisy tattoos come in different shapes and colors that customers can have them tailored to their needs and personality.

hình xăm hoa cúc ở ngực

A unique daisy tattoo from shoulder blade to upper chest

hình xăm bông cúc trên vai

Daisy tattoo showing personality

hình xăm bông cúc trên bã vai

A unique combination of daisies and other images

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A daisy-themed tattoo

3. Where to get a high-quality daisy tattoo?

For a unique, highly personal daisy tattoo, go to Tadashi Tattoo, a top-notch tattoo house in Vietnam. You are guaranteed a great tattoo that is not just a work of art but also serves as a personal statement.

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A tattoo with unique daisy petals