Dandelions Tattoo

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Dandelion tattoos are highly popular among women. So what are the meanings behind those delicate flowers? Let us begin to explore the most beautiful of dandelion tattoos!

hình xăm hoa bồ công anh đẹp nhất

The beautiful tattoo for women

1. The meanings and mythology of dandelion tattoos

1.1. The meanings of dandelion tattoos

Dandelions are often not cultivated; we can see them grow on the sides of highways. They are delicate and very short. Dandelions have a spherical shape and a white color; and when a breeze blows by, their tiny petals would spring up into the air. Perhaps for many people, there is nothing special about this flower, but for others they certainly carry deep meanings

hình xăm hoa bồ công anh

What does a dandelion stand for?

Like many other kinds of flowers, dandelions blossom in spring. When spring comes, in the gardens and on the fields, dandelions would spring up into the air, creating a sight reminiscent of fairy tales. Some count a dandelion’s petals as a way of predicting if their crush will ever love them back.

Hoa bồ công anh hình xăm trên cổ chân

Hoa bồ công anh hình xăm trên cổ chân

Because of these meanings, a lot of girls go for a great tattoo of dandelions.

Small and delicate dandelion tattoos are extremely suitable for girls. Besides, peach-flower tattoos are also popular among both men and women.

Bạn có thể chọn những hình xăm nhỏ nhắn với hoa bồ công anh bay trong gió

Bạn có thể chọn những hình xăm nhỏ nhắn với hoa bồ công anh bay trong gió

1.2. The mythology of dandelion tattoos

Now let us explore the mythology of dandelions! Once upon a time there was a farm with many different kinds of flowers on it. Among them was a tree with bright yellow flowers and long leaves that looked like a lion’s teeth. Hence, people called it “The Lion’s Teeth Tree”.

The Lion’s Teeth trees grew on the green pastures and on the fields. In the heart of the young men of that time, those yellow flowers were the symbol of the girl they loved. The Lion’s-Teeth leaves looked like they were protecting those delicate yellow flowers with passion and desire, like a young man would protect the little girl he loved.

ý nghĩa hình xăm hoa bồ công anh

A delicate dandelion tattoo on the arm

When summer came, those flowers would get rid of that yellow color and replaced it with a new white coat, soft and smooth like a goose’s feather. Now those flowers in the man’s hands would rise up with pride.

hoa bồ công anh hình xăm đẹp trên mạn sườn

A dandelion springing up in the wind-an attractive tattoo for women

The once little girl now has become a prideful dandelion in a white satin coat, making the man love her ever more. But, all of a sudden, a strong wind came blowing past the field. The Wind was strong, energetic, and lively. He held in his hand a flute and made the most beautiful of songs, songs about eternal love and the great lands and sceneries he has witnessed.

And the dandelion was no different. She was swept away and each time the Wind came she would rise up, trying to catch a glimpse of him. But Wind was not the settling-down type, he would not stop for anyone. Therefore, no field was ever able to hold him back, let alone a delicate dandelion.

hoa bồ công anh hình xăm

A dandelion tattoo makes your shoulder more attractive

Having witnessed all this, the Lion’s Teeth Leaf was very upset. He was trying his best to protect his love, but lost all in a short moment. He held out his arms to keep hold of the dandelion, but all was in vain, because the dandelion was swept away by the Wind. Until today, whenever going past a dandelion field, we can still hear the whispers of the Lion’s Teeth Leaf to the Wind, as if to ask “how is dandelion? Is she happy?”

hinh xam hoa bo cong anh depA beautiful tattoo combining dandelions and texts

But Wind is always silent, because he knows he cannot carry dandelion with him all the time. She fell down onto the Earth and gave birth to her offspring, who she named “Lion’s Teeth”

xăm hình hoa bồ công anh

Because of this mythology, dandelion tattoos have become even more popular and appreciated

hoa bồ công anh tattoo

2. Where to get a great dandelion tattoo?

ở đâu xăm hình hoa bồ công anh

A heart-shaped dandelion tattoo

If you want a high-quality flower tattoo, come to Tadashi Tattoo – a professional and prestigious tattoo house in Vietnam. With thousands of designs for a dandelion tattoo, you are guaranteed a work of art that suits your personality and style.