The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

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In the tattoo trend in Vietnam, flower tattoo is one of the choices in the list of certain tattoo must have for many people. There are a lot of diverse ideas for flower tattoo that make you wonder and hesitant to decide. In this article, we will introduce to you one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers of Vietnam – lotus flower.

1. Mysterious meaning of lotus tattoo

Before understanding the meaning of lotus tattoos in art, let us explore the mysterious aspects of lotus in Buddhism, in love and in Vietnamese culture.

The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

Lotus tattoo on arm

1.1 The meaning of lotus tattoo in Buddhism

First of all, we need to mention the meaning of lotus in Buddhism. Lotus in Buddhism is a typical symbol of purity and biochemistry. The most typical characteristic of the lotus is infection – a concept of purity. It comes from the lotus petals, grows in mud without smelling mud, but it is extremely clean and pure.

The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

Lotus tattoos are combined with animals

In Buddhism, lotus is also stand for the long process of cultivation, enlightenment and the ability to develop inner consciousness. When the mind is pure, the lotus will bloom. Moreover, lotus becomes a symbol of many appearances in Buddhist works.

It can be said that the lotus image has an important role in Buddhism and has certain meaning to the religion. Lotus is not only a popular real image in Buddhism but also in pictures through paintings, statues, Buddhist works…

Today, when artistic tattoos begin to flourish, Buddhists also want to be honored their appreciation for their beliefs through tattoos. In fact, the lotus has many different colors so many people can choose their own colors and each of them has a special meaning.

Blue lotus

In Buddhism, the blue lotus is considered as an open part and will never see the center. Blue lotus symbolizes the spirit of wisdom and knowledge. In art tattoo, blue lotus is a symbol of human spirit, indomitable perseverance and being a person with the tame of emotional souls.

Purple lotus

Purple lotus has magical colors, these flowers may be shy or have been fully bloomed. It is considered to represent one of the Buddha’s teachings that lead to awakening. When the image of purple lotus is introduced into art tattoo, it shows the sincerity and romance.

The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

Purple lotus symbolizes sincerity and romance.

Pink lotus

Pink lotus is considered the true lotus in the Buddha, the ultimate lotus. It is the most typical image for the common meaning that expresses the purity, and the ability to develop the inner consciousness of people. Therefore, pink lotus tattoo is also preferred to be selected more compare to other lotus. The pink lotus tattoo also shows the gentle beauty of women.

The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

Pink lotus tattoo is suitable for girls

Red lotus

The red color of the lotus is the symbol of the heart, the flower of love and passion. In this sense, it is especially for those who desire happiness with their own love.

The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

Red lotus has the meaning of love

1.2 The meaning of lotus flower in love

Perhaps for flowers that symbolize love, the majority will think of flowers like roses, sunflowers… So what does lotus mean in love? Lotus is also a symbol of perfection, pure things. Because of this, the lotus symbolizes the original nature of the heart, represents a pure, faithful love, and the greatest passion for one's own love.

According to the “feng shui” concept, if people want to aim for a true love in life, the lotus will bring many advantages and luck. Thus, lotus is also a symbol of love. Many people want to use the image and meaning of the lotus to hope for a better love and happy family.

1.3 The meaning of lotus tattoo in Vietnamese culture

In Vietnamese culture, lotus is the symbol of Vietnamese people’s consciousness. Because of this, lotus converges noble human meaning, philosophical meaning, the Five Elements meaning and the strong will of people. Since ancient times, lotus has been associated with the life of Vietnamese, worthy of being a national flower of Vietnam.

In terms of lotus meaning in Vietnamese culture, lotus tattoos are also a pride, a respect for national culture. Additionally, lotus tattoos can remind the people to have a good idea of living, always being themselves, living strongly.

The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

Lotus tattoo bring good thing

It can be seen that the lotus tattoo has many different meanings. Therefore, the meaning depends on the conception of the tattoo owner.

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The meaning Lotus Tattoo and the best lotus flower tattoos

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