Poppy Tattoo

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After going through an important milestone in life, if you want to preserve a good memory, show your personality,...getting a tattoo is a great thing to do. For women, poppy tattoos – a mysterious flower – will help demonstrate your personality and allure. Now let us begin to explore the meanings of poppy tattoos and the best places to have them in this article.

hinh xam hoa anh tuc dep

1. What do poppy tattoos mean?

Poppies have become familiar to a lot of people, but only a few know that this “dangerous” flower has many different meanings in terms of religion, medicine, as well as mythology.

Poppies are both a symbol of consolations for losses and a message of love and the cycle of life

hình xăm hoa anh túc

Poppies carry many different meanings

Besides, every kind of poppy has its own meaning. For Westerners, red poppies represent memories and consolations while for Easterners, they stand for success and love.

Meanwhile, white poppies are often seen at funerals and cemeteries in the East, showing respect and memory for the departed. In the West, they are a symbol of a good rest and peace of mind.

hình xăm hoa anh túc ở vai

Purple, pink, or green poppies are often associated with elegance and success.

hình xăm hoa anh túc mạn sườn nữ

hinh xam anh tuc hoa

Poppy tattoos are the top choice for lovers who want to show their faithfulness to each other

2. Some suggestions for poppy tattoos you shouldn’t miss

2.1. A unique poppy tattoo right below the clavicle

gợi ý hình xăm hoa anh túc

A simple but meaningful poppy tattoo

Below the clavicle is the place where many girls have a poppy tattoo because this is where the first looks often fall on. A girl with a great tattoo below the clavicle is a girl of character who is also “a bit rebellious” and attractive.

hình xăm hoa anh túc ở quai xanh đẹp

những mãu hình xăm hoa anh túc

ý nghĩa hình xăm hoa anh túc

o dau xam hình xăm hoa anh túc

hình xăm hoa anh túc ý nghĩa

2.2. Poppy tattoo on the shoulder

Poppies are a symbol of art; therefore, even if the shoulder is a large area you should not have a big poppy tattooed there. Instead it is better to go for a small and subtle tattoo to look more attractive in your tank tops or off-shoulder tops.

hình xăm hoa anh túc

A small tattoo on the shoulder shows femininity and attractiveness

hình xăm hoa anh túc ở vai nữ

hình xăm hoa anh túc ở gáy

hình xăm hoa anh túc ở gáy cho nữ

2.3. Poppy tattoo on the wrist

A tattoo on the wrist indicates that its bearer is a detailed and subtle person who always try their best for perfection. Therefore, this is a top choice for many girls, or even some men, to have the most impressive and unique poppy tattoo.

hình xăm hoa anh túc đẹp

Poppy tattoo on the wrist

2.4. Poppy tattoo on the side of your abdomen

For those girls who are less inclined to reveal their body, a great poppy tattoo at this area is the top choice. However, when you want to show such a tattoo, you are going to need to spend some time on picking the right outfit so that you will look great and sexy with this tattoo.

ý nghĩa hình xăm hoa anh túc

Poppy tattoo on the side of the abdomen

2.5. Poppy tattoo on the finger

If you are an open-minded person, a poppy tattoo on the finger would be a work of art that shows your romantic side as well as your passion in life. If you are to have a poppy tattooed on your finger, it is necessary to get it from a prestigious place to maximize its potential because the skin in this area is both delicate and narrow.

hình xăm hoa anh túc ở chân cho nữ

hình xăm hoa anh túc ở đùi

3. Where to get the best poppy tattoos?

Every tattoo has its own meaning, helping you show your character as well as preserve memories of good times. To achieve that, you should go to a prestigious tattoo house, where you will be served by the best in the industry.

hoa anh túc tattoo

A poppy tattoo on the leg

Tadashi Tattoo, a leading tattoo house in Vietnam with professional and experienced tattoo artists, is the go-to place for many young Vietnamese people who want a unique poppy tattoo.