Rose Tattoo

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Roses are among the most well-known and long-lasting symbols in Western culture (similar to lotus in Eastern culture), representing subtle beauty and love. Today a rose tattoo is a popular choice, especially among young people. However, a rose tattoo may have different meanings, depending on the colors as well as the shape of the piece.

hình xăm hoa hồng

Rose tattoos are very well-liked today

1. What does a rose tattoo mean?

Rose tattoos have become popular since the 1930s, when sailors often had them tattooed on their arms to remind themselves of their wives, girlfriends, or mothers. In Greek mythology, the Goddess of Love - Aphrodite – is often described with a rose pinned in her hair or tattooed on her leg and neck, with the rose signifying a long-lasting love.

In tarot, roses are considered the symbol of balance, representing promises, hope, or a new beginning. Moreover, rose tattoos also have different meanings, and a rose has various meanings, depending on its color.

hoa hồng xăm hình

Rose tattoos have been popular for a while

1.1. A Symbol of Beauty

Roses are the symbol of beauty with their mystery, purity, and timelessness; that’s why they are so eye-catching. In Greek and Roman mythology, roses are associated with the beauty of the Goddess Aphrodite. Hence, a rose tattoo on the arm will show your personality as well as your style.

xăm hình hoa hồng

A rose tattoo is also the symbol of beauty

1.2. A Symbol of the Purity of Love

Apart of signifying beauty, roses are also the symbol of Love and Luck. Usually, lovers would use roses to show their affection to each other.

Rose Tattoo

Hence, young people of today like to have roses tattooed on their arms in the hope that they bring about happiness and luck.

rose tattoo

A rose is the symbol of Love

Furthermore, the best rose tattoos are often picked by couples to show their affection to each other, both here in Vietnam and abroad.

1.3. A Symbol of Peacefulness

Roses are also a symbol of Peacefulness, with their many petals, when blossoming, representing Luck and Prosperity of the four seasons of the year. A rose tattoo is believed to bring good luck to its bearer.

hoa hồng hình xăm đẹp

A small rose tattoo is believed to bring about Peacefulness

2. Some great rose tattoos and their meanings

As is the case with other flowers, the location can convey meanings. For example, a rose tattoo on the arm with a green leaf represents joy and glory, but add some thorns and it becomes a symbol of sadness. Here are the meanings of a variety of rose tattoos for your reference.

Rose Tattoo

2.1. A Red Rose Tattoo

Of all kinds of rose tattoos, the red rose tattoo is the most popular. It is the symbol of Love and Good Fortune. The red rose tattoo also signifies the might of the Universe, bringing about enthusiasm and passion. Furthermore, it is also believed to represent the peace of mind.

hình xăm cụm bông hồng cánh tay

A red rose tattoo is the symbol of eternal beauty

Hình xăm hoa hồng đỏ còn là tượng trưng cho sức mạnh của vũ trụ, sẽ giúp đem lại cảm hứng và đánh thức đam mê. Đặc biệt, hình xăm này còn như một chiếc bùa hộ mệnh tượng trưng cho sự bình an.

hình xăm hoa hồn cổ chân

A simple rose tattoo are very common, especially among women

xăm hoa hồng trên cánh tay

hình xăm hoa hồng cho nữ

hình xăm hoa hồng vai nữ

đồng hồ chữ hình xăm

cánh hoa hồng hình xăm

hinh xam hoa hong dep nhat

2.2. A Black Rose Tattoo

Black roses do not exist in nature; therefore, a black rose tattoo means you are seeking something hard to achieve in the hope that luck will come your way. A black rose also means respect for your loved ones.

hình hoa hồng xăm

hình xăm bông hồng đùi

A black rose tattoo on a man’s arm is a symbol of strength, power, and attractiveness. For women a small black rose tattoo represents mystery mixed with a sense of carefreeness.

xăm bông hoa hồng ở đùi

hình xăm hoa hồng và đầu lâu

A black rose tattoo on a woman conveys mystery

hinh xam hoa hong dep nhat

hinh xam hoa hong dep

A black rose tattoo is a good choice for men

hình xăm hoa hồng

2.3. A Blue Rose Tattoo

Everyone probably has a desire they haven’t achieved for one reason or another, causing them a sense of regret or nostalgia. In this case, a blue rose tattoo is a great way of preserving the memory.

hình xăm hoa hồng xanh

A blue rose tattoo implies “You are a great person.”

ý nghĩa hình xăm hoa hồng xanh

2.4. A Skull-shaped Rose Tattoo

A skull-shaped rose tattoo conveys a mysterious beauty mixed with a sense of pride. Roses have always been considered the most beautiful of flowers, the symbol of long-lasting love while a skull is often associated with the underground world and the people in it.

According to Eastern philosophy, people with a skull-shaped rose tattoo often yearn for a life of peace, happiness, and without evil or bad luck.

xăm hình hoa hồng đầu lâu

A skull-shaped rose tattoo is suitable for both men and women

hình xăm hoa hồng trên tay

A skull-shaped rose tattoo brings about something different

Probably many people feel that this is somewhat of an abnormal combination, but skull-shaped rose tattoos are in fact very popular. In this tattoo, the rose stands for hope and life; the skull, decline and death.

2.5. Tattoos combining roses and daggers

A tattoo of a rose and a dagger represents the two sides of life. This is because a dagger stands for betrayal, death, and evil while a rose represents love, faith, and hope.

xăm hoa hồng đỏ

A tattoo of a rose and a dagger

2.6. Tattoos combining roses and pocket watches

Rose-and-pocket-watch tattoos originate from the West.

  • Their 1st meaning is a reminder of our good times in life. Time is something that we can’t get back; our good memories will fade with time. Therefore, we all should appreciate and cherish those good times.
  • Secondly, rose-and-pocket-watch tattoos also serve as a milestone for memorable experiences in life.

hình xăm hoa hồng được xăm ở hông

A rose-and-pocket-watch tattoos – preserving the best of memories

Rose-and-pocket-watch tattoos are suitable for both men and women. For men, the best places to have them tattooed are the neck and the forearm while for women, a rose-and-pocket-watch tattoo would look best on the back and the legs.

hình hoa hồng đồng hồ xăm

A rose-and-pocket-watch tattoo looks great on a man’s forearm

hình xăm đồng hồ la mã với hoa hồng

A rose-and-pocket-watch tattoo looks great on a man’s forearm

Although roses have a long history of representing love, today they may also have different meanings, depending on their shapes, colors, and designs. Therefore, every rose tattoo has its own meaning.

Besides, there are a lot more impressive rose tattoo designs you can choose from, as shown below

hình xăm đồng hồ và hoa hồng

ý nghĩa hình xăm hoa hồng

Rose Tattoo

A small rose tattoo combined with a beautiful word, suitable for women

hoa hồng hình xăm ở ngực

A rose tattoo also looks great

hoa hồng xăm ở vai

A rose design on the shoulder blade, for women

ý nghĩa hình xăm hoa hồng ở cổ

3. Where to Have a High-Quality Rose Tattoo Today?

For a high-quality rose tattoo, Tadashi Tattoo – a prestigious tattoo house – is a top choice. At Tadashi Tattoo, the best tattoo artists will give you the best advice based on your personality, your desire, and the meaning you want to convey through a tattoo.

Rose Tattoo

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