Textured Tattoo

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Tattooing is no longer a strange thing for everyone. People who want tattooing often have to consider and think a lot about the ideas. Therefore, in this article, Tadashi Tattoo will introduce to you the most impressive textured tattoos in all time, one of the tattoos that is being loved by many young people.

1. What do you need to know about textured tattoos?

1.1 What is textured tattoos?

Textured tattoo is known as one of the genres of medieval art and culture. Today, textured tattoos are becoming the pinnacle in tattooing. There are many tattoos that can be wrong over time, but with the artistic of textured tattoo, it is confident that these tattoos will always be impressive and full of aesthetics in every age.

hình xăm hoa văn

Each textured tattoo has its own characteristic

1.2 The origin and inspiration of textured tattoo

If people often watch movies and documents about ancient culture, you will see tattoos with unique textures from the past This textured tattoo originates from ancient tribes like Mandala (India), Maori (Polynesians), Samoa (Polynesians), Mehndi (India) and other Native American civilizations.

The tattoo of the past shows the person's status in society and it is an indispensable procedure in rituals. Large tattoo show their high status in society and vice versa. Additionally, tattoos are also said to be the sign of the tribes, the members of the family.

nguồn gốc hình xăm hoa văn

Textured tattoo in shoulder

This is considered a beauty of the ancients. In the tribes, you will own tattoos from birth to adulthood.

2. The meaning of textured tattoos

To better understand the meaning of the origin of the tattoo from the tribe, Tadashi Tattoo will bring you back in time to learn together.

In addition, you can also refer to the artistic and creative watercolor tattoos.


2.1. Mandala tattoo (India)

The mandala is derived from the word "Manda" which means "essence", combined with the "la" suffix that literally means "contained", so the word Mandala has the full meaning of "containing essence." ". Mandala has a special spiritual and religious meaning in Buddhism and Hinduism of Indians.

hình xăm họa tiết mandala

Mandala tattoo is very popular with women

Mandala image is the symbol of Buddha's body and mind. The original of the Mandala is just a dot, which represents infinity. From this focus has attracted all the energy of the universe. Therefore, the Mandala tattoo is meant to guide you to find your inner mind and your own mind.

2.2. Maori tattoo (Polynesian)

Maori tattooing comes from New Zealand, in the East of Polynesians. Maori tattoos are the long-standing culture of the Maori or the Polynesian natives. Maori tattoos are one of the most charming and attractive tattoos for everyone.

hình xăm hoa văn maori

Unique Maori tattoo

In fact, Maori tattoos are not only beautiful but also associated with the ancient stories. Maori tattoos in different positions will have a unique meaning. Therefore, when people decide to choose a Maori tattoo, you should think carefully about the place for tattooing.

Although the Maori tattoo does not have any special meaning other than the value of respect for the Maori culture and lifestyle, it offers high artistic beauty. Because this tattoo is characterized by the Maori culture so people should be careful when choose this type of tattoo.

2.3 Samoa tattoo (Polynesian)

Samoa tattoo is also one of the tattoos that originated in the ancient tradition of the Polynesian tribes. Among the Polynesian tattoos, Samoa is considered one of the most famous. This tattoo has been done for over 2000 years. Currently, Samoa tattoo has also become one of the tattoos that many young people love. Samoa tattoo will be the best with black ink.

hình xăm họa tiết samoa

Samoa tattoo

3. Few notes and common locations for textured tattoos

Textured tattoo represents the unique traditional culture of tribes which originating from ancient times.

hình xăm hoa văn độc đáoBack ink textured tattoo

Therefore, when tattooing, people are often changed a little compared to the original model. The best tattoo designs when tattooed with black ink, because tattooing with color ink will easily lose the character of the tattoo.

xăm hình hoa văn mandala

Beautiful Mandala tattoo

Beautiful textured tattoos must be shown in a position that can escape its soul. Textured tattoos are now very popular in both men and women. On the background of black ink, tribal tattoos are designed in a very powerful way.

hình xăm hoa văn trên bắp tay

Unique textured tattoo on arm

The appearance of these tattoos is tornadoes, curves, which look very impressive and striking. Moreover, this tattoo is often shown in the arms, legs and shoulders, some people prefer tattooing on the ankles, back and fingers. Women often choose tattooing at the waist that is most appropriate.

hình xăm hoa văn mandala

Women often tattoo on waist or hip

4. Prestigious and quality tattoo address

Tattooing is no longer strange to many people, so the thing is to find a good place for tattooing. Currently, many tattoo facilities are opened to satisfy the passion of expressing personality. However, not all establishments guarantee you a quality of tattoo that equivalent to the cost.

đơn vị xăm hình xăm hoa văn

Tadashi Tattoo is one of the most reputable tattoo and quality tattoo facilities for you. Additionally, with a staff of many years of experience in tattooing, you will be assured of having the most unique and impressive tattoos.

xăm hình nghệ thuật ở đâuTextured tattoo in chest

Tadashi always updates the trend of tattooing. Moreover, before tattooing, we will give you advice as well as answer the questions of customers given to be able to choose the tattoo style that suitable for you.