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Tattoos are not only a simple figure but also an artwork portraying the personality of each owner. Words tattoo is one of tattoo elements that is typically chosen as a reflected image of individuals' identities or their lives maxims. In this article, Tadashi Tattoo will provide you some artistic words tattoo ideas with their specific profound meanings. Let's check it out.

hình xăm chữ đẹp

Hình xăm chữ là một trong những ý tưởng hình xăm được nhiều người lựa chọn nhất.

1. Chinese words tattoo

Chinese tattoos are referred to as a unique oriental culture and bringing out different beautiful meanings. Hand tattoos is very diverse. Many people like tattooing an anniversary day or a certain number to mark a milestone in life.

Chinese words tattoo commonly delivers the meanings of family love, friendship, and life values.

Word Tattoo

Chinese words tattoo designed for the wrist is an ideal choice for man.

Chinese words tattoos are especially for those who love the beauty of traditional culture. A beautiful Chinese tattoo is not simply shown through the tattoo line, but also the soul of tattoo itself, which directly reflects owners' characteristics.

Besides, Chinese language popularly appears in Spring Festival couplets during the Lunar New Year in Asian countries as a tradition for wishing good fortune. Therefore, Chinese tattoo is also a symbol of praying for peace, happiness and luck.

Chinese words tattoos can be used as a picture of calligraphy art. There is a variety of Chinese language tattoos with different words and sayings that you can go for. Nonetheless, it is crucial to clearly understand the meaning of the Chinese text to make sure that the words are suitable to you.

In modern life, Chinese words tattoos are creatively customized to not only being a choice for men but also ladies.

Word Tattoo

Word Tattoo

2. Thai talisman tattoo (Sak Yant)

Sak Yant is a unique culture originated from Thailand. Thai talisman was invented in the Khmer period at Angkor, with many complex characters that symbolizes the belief of self-protection, strengthening, bringing luck and success in the future. Initially, Sak Yant was only sketched by Thai people on oil-soaked paper and pressed onto the skin.

Word Tattoo

Angelina Jolie's Thai Talisman tattoo has been inspiring many Western people.

Thai talismans became more popular in Western countries after the famous actress Angelina Jolie got Sak Yant tattoo on her body.

In Vietnam, Thai talisman tattoo is gradually introduced to Vietnamese tattoo art culture. This tattoo art becomes more well-known and welcomed to Vietnamese tattoo lovers in recent years.

Thai talisman tattoo has five lines and each line represents a specific meaning. In general, the five lines stand for chasing away demons, preventing from unreasonable penalties, disintegrating bad stars, and eliminating bad luck.

Word Tattoo

Additionally, Sak Yant tattoos are also used to protect the owner from evil tactics. This tattoo brings to its owners the success and luck in life. In short, Thai talisman tattoo is to increase your charm.

3. Family Tattoo

Family is always a great inspiration and motivation in our lives. In art tattoos, many people have chosen Family tattoos to express their love and gratitude to their family.

Word Tattoo

A hand tattoo illustrates the beautiful image of parents working hard for the family.

Regarding Family tattoo, the most popular tattoo pattern is the word “Parents". Each person has his own way of expressing the values of this word with different typefaces and attached images.

Word Tattoo

“Parents” tattoo in calligraphy style.

There are "parents" tattoos, which are designed in calligraphy style. Some can accompany the portraits of parents, reminding the owners to respect and be grateful to their parents. Family tattoos commonly make people feel peaceful, and somehow get them strengthened and motivated to face difficulties.

4. Calligraphy tattoos

Calligraphy tattoos are also one of the most popular choices in art tattoos.

Word Tattoo

Calligraphy tattoos are artistic

Calligraphy art has existed for a long time in Vietnamese culture and so far the art's values firmly remains. Calligraphy art with sophisticated lines is not only a well-liked tradition to old people but also strongly attracting young people. At present, these artistic values have been cleverly crafted by many tattooists into artistic tattoos, which become a favorite choice to Vietnamese tattoo lovers.

Calligraphic tattoos contain various meanings with high traditional art values.

Word Tattoo

5. English Tattoo

Instead of delivering the traditional beauty of cultures as the above art tattoos, English tattoos, on the other hand, symbolize the modern styles and key messages. Meaningful English tattoos, especially short words or maxims are popularly chosen by young people to express their lifestyle, personalities, life goals and self-love.

Word Tattoo

English tattoo is an ideal choice to impressively show your identities.

There are multiple options for English words tattoos with flexible designs in many different styles, which can be soft or tough. Ladies can also choose English words tattoo to portray their power and feminism pride.

Furthermore, beyond the aim of portraying personalities, English tattoos with meanings towards strength, independence, and women's values are also a message of ladies for gender equality, women's rights, equal opportunities and women's empowerment in modern life.

Word Tattoo

This tattoo can be highly recommended for girls who want to get themselves a strong and powerful tattoo

In modern life, tattoos are no longer only men’s stuff. Many girls go for tattoos to get their own figures and confidently express themselves through strong and profound tattoo designs.

Many people would like to tattoo the names of people they love or admire on their bodies. It could be the name of their crush, a great man, a famous idol or a successful person to make them become an inspiration. Typically, these are all short text. In this case, you can get your tattoos on your arm, near the collarbone or the back of your neck, and so forth.

Word Tattoo

Tattoos with strong meaning for women are commonly placed on the wrist or arm

It is important to avoid water for 12 hours after tattooing and make sure that the tattoo is in a clean state to make it more beautiful and good quality. It is also necessary to avoid the extreme sunshine. You should wear sunscreen to protect the tattoo within at least one month.

Word Tattoo

The tattoo is meant to remind you to always be brave and powerful

The shoulder and collarbone are another placements for strong meaning tattoos.

Word Tattoo

Believe in your heart and your feelings

English tattoo can impressively express the personalities and values of each person. Art tattoo works are not only inspired by literary letters but also from patterns to create bold and meaningful tattoo designs. While choosing the freedom tattoo tattoo, you need to pay attention to some points to get beautiful, artistic and artistic tattoos.

6. Another word tattoos

6.1 Japanese word tattoos

There are many people choosing to get foreign language tattoos on their hands. Japanese word tattoos are not an exception. Japanese word tattoos can be a unique figure to make you look more fashionable. Especially, Japanese word tattoos can be shorter than Vietnamese language but still remaining meaningful messages. For instance, the tattoo below is meant to show a strong willpower to not surrender yourself as confronting with failures.

This sentence, which means "Fall seven times and stand up 8 times" is a famous saying to encourage the spirit of never giving up.

Word Tattoo

Japanese word tattoos on hand with the meaning of enhancing personal morale

The Japanese tattoo pattern depicted the famous cartoon "My neighbor is Dororo" will surely make those who are big fans of Japanese anime stories fall in love with. This Japanese tattoo on hand is inspired by a famous Japanese cartoon.

In addition, the following tattoos symbolizing the ancient characters originated from the Northern Europe with full of charisma will give you more hints of beautiful and meaningful tattoos.

6.2 Ancient Northern European character tattoos (Runic Alphabet)

The ancient Northern European character, which is called Runic Alphabet is a tradition originated from Europe and parts of Africa. Nowadays, many people who like abstract tattoos or ancient tattoos are strongly interested in investigating these ancient tattoo patterns.

Word Tattoo

Since ancient times, the North European have had tattoos on their body, especially men who are powerful and noble. The tattoo patterns or mysterious ancient alphabet are used to show their power and promote their strengths.

Word Tattoo

In common, Runic Alphabet tattoo pattern imitates a shield, which is believed as the strongest weapon to prevent attacks from enemies. It is also a simple belief in their lives towards safety and mysterious as a magical Iceland house to help people find their way home through extreme weather. Runic Alphabet is also well-known through Norse myths and Viking legends.

Word Tattoo

6.3 Quotes Tattoo

If you are considering a suitable tattoo element to get on your back, hands and behind the neck, quote tattoos can be an ideal option for you. Brief quotes and rhyming words are perfectly suitable for making beautiful tattoo letters on your hands. You can find many quotes on websites and tattoo forums. There are countless short, rhyming and meaningful sentences that can be a significant self-tag for you.

“I suppose it will all make sense when we grow up" - a popular saying to express the feeling of innocent but also concerned about life. It depends on your way of interpreting this sentence to make it a positive or negative saying. However, at the end of the day, this quote is to remind you that everything will be alright when you are grown enough to understand life values as well as challenges. You can have yourself a journey ticket to your childhood so that you can feel better and find a peace between the mess of life.

Word Tattoo

People often choose to get their word tattoos on their shoulders, back or arms. It can be a maxim or meaningful reminder to the owners. In this case, it is important to make sure the length of the letter and the tattoo placement should be carefully measured and designed.

For example, a romantic love statement for stars and night sky - “I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”.

Word Tattoo

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser" is a simple saying but delivering a positive and colorful way of living.”

Word Tattoo

Many people choose to tattoo the name of their favorite songs. For them, listening to a good song, discovering the meaningful lyrics and turning it into their figure is a way of portraying their personality and lifestyle.

These are also beautiful and meaningful hand-letter tattoos, expressing your identities, thoughts and point of views. Importantly, your lyrics tattoo should be designed with the comprehensive word length and suitable tattoo position. It could be on the shoulder or on the hands and back.

7. Tattoo parlors for the best word tattoos

Tadashi Tattoo is working hard to provide you the most fulfilled service and high quality tattoos. Above are all of the artistic tattoo patterns that Tadashi team would like to recommend for your word tattoos. If you have any questions or looking for a unique word tattoo, Tadashi Tattoo is always willing to help you get your desired art tattoos with a skillful, professional and creative tattooist team.