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Scorpion is one incredible creature. Arthropod species is minimal, but this caused a lot of fear and they are themselves the fearsome predators. Because of this reason that many people prefer scorpion tattoo on the man, the scorpion tattoo always looks good even tattooed in any style.

In astrology, 8th Horoscope Scorpio (Scorpions) and those with birthdays in 23/10 to 21/11 period under this provision. According to astrologers, those born under Scorpio have sharp intellect, intelligent and holding his own destiny; they are also known to solve the problem effectively and have good reasoning ability.

The scorpion tattoo designs certainly very eye-catching and can be interpreted in many different ways. A scorpion tattoo can be used to ward off evil spirits and protect the bearer from hurt by bad ideas. Scorpion tattoo is also effective network protection and symbol of power for Horoscope Mars is the god of War and god of Hell Pluto protection.

Ý nghĩa hình xăm bò cạp

Meaning of scorpion tattoos vary by region. Meaning popular and most commonly accepted, that scorpion tattoo guardian role for carriers, have a protective effect against bad luck and. Specific examples of the goddess Isis Egyptian Passport France has 2 giant scorpion.

Scorpion emblem is also used in Tibet. They are decorated with scorpion up their weapons: swords, shields and armor protection as one spell. It is believed that scorpion amulet will avoid bad luck and from injury.

Scorpion is truly a powerful animal. If you were born under the Horoscope this, should know that he is very lucky; otherwise, let the hospital take the power of the scorpion with a tattoo on the body!

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