What you don’t know about dragonfly tattoo

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The dragonfly tattoo is one that has many meaning and a lot of depth to tattoo Vietnam. The dragonfly is an insect that has fragile and colorful wings but it has strong attraction. A girl with dragonfly tattoo is not only sexy but also arrogant. 

The dragonfly tattoo represents the transition from life in a cocoon to the life of an insect of flight. This transition also represents moving from on the past and into the present and the future. However, the meanings of dragonfly tattoo will depend on different cultures.

What you don’t know about dragonfly tattoo 
To eastern culture
 What you don’t know about dragonfly tattoo
Dragonfly has a short life, so dragonfly tattoo reminds us to live a meaningful life. It shows embracing changes, freedom and luck. Additionally, it also represents strength, joy and bravery. In Asian cultures such as Japan and China, these changing and reflecting colors indicate the magic of the light and mystical. Dragonfly tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoo in Vietnam is chosen by young people who want to live life to the fullest.

To western culture

What you don’t know about dragonfly tattoo
Dragonfly tattoo represents overcoming obstacles and moving forward and beyond them. It shows going past our perceived limitations, looking forward advancement and independence. Furthermore, to the Native Americans, dragonfly tattoo is related to rebirth. If a dragonfly tattoo on you, it is the soul of someone who has passed on.

Dragonfly tattoo is important in both the eastern culture as well as western culture, isn't it? Let’s come to Tattoo shop in Vietnam to get meaningful tattoos!

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